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Beyond Izzy’s house

Izzy lives in Steelbridge, a city divided by a river. The city began to gain importance following the building of a bridge which linked  its two parts, defining its present name and facilitating communication and trade.

With the construction of the bridge a guild came,  dedicated to the iron works, which took control over production and distribution of steam techonogy based on machinery. Three other guilds are supported by this one: the airships guild, the pharmacy guild and the liquors one.

Because of the greed of their leaders, the four guilds gathered a huge power and they own the control of the whole city.

The first guild we’re working on:

Airships guild:

The airship guild has managed to create flying machines that allow to move people and goods to remote places. It controls all flying city’s traffic.

We are back on track!!

After several months of silence, we are back! Many things happened during this period. Maria and Néstor moved from the north of Spain to Valencia, so the full team is now together. We just set a small office and we spend a few hours everyday in the project. 

We decided to rework the whole graphic style. The previous house looked too depressing and we wanted a more cartoonish style. 

Also, the detail of Izzy’s animations has been increased.  Izzy was too small, all the animations have been redone, and a few ones like ladder climbing and sliding have been added.

Finally, the graphic engine has been improved with many bugfixes and some new features like a tween engine.

We are extremely excited about the project, now Izzy and her house looks much better. 

Also, we wanted to show some of the new designs we’ve been making, not in-game images but you can see all the new background style we are creating!

From now, you will hear very frequently from us as Izzy’s Revenge just became a serious project for us.

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