Izzy's Revenge

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Steelbridge. The city of progress.
Four guilds, ruled by their four respective leaders, became extremely powerful thanks to the technology and industrial growth. Now they rule over the city and want to achieve their objectives, doing whatever is necessary for that. They took control of the Steam technology, but it wasn’t enough. Now they want the new invention you have developed, the Holographic technology. Now they are going after you. But this time you are not going to let them get away with it.
In Izzy’s Revenge you play as Izzy, a great inventor whose revolutionary Holographic technology blueprints were stoled. You know that behind the robbery are the four main guilds: the Airships Guild, the Apothecary Emporium, the Liquors Guild and the Iron Industries. Now you want to get those blueprints back. Now you seek revenge.

Izzy’s Revenge is a 2D platformer game based on exploration, with a combo-based fast paced combat, set in a steampunk universe. Everything in the game is drawn and painted in a comic/cartoon style, with traditional animations.


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Pablo Spaceboy

Pablo Spaceboy

Bachelor of Fine Arts.

He'll only speak to you if it's about cats or tea. Is well known for changing his psd files more than a billion times. Also a british accent enthusiast.

María Ramírez

María Ramírez

Degree of Graphic Design.

She really doesn't like anything, some of her friends call her 'Hater Girl'. If you've got a plan with pyjamas and ice-cream, she is likely to appear near there.

Level Designer
Guillermo Ferrando

Guillermo Ferrando

Level Designer&Tester
Student of Computer Science

Identifying wrong pixels in artists' work with inquisitorial stare is one of his most favourite hobbies. Everybody suspects he is a robot.

Néstor Ferrando

Néstor Ferrando

Game Programmer.
He is a Doctor. (but not a real one).

Hardcore gamer of games nobody knows. 80's lover. He loves to program at the speed of light while listening to Kavinsky.


Hankins Studio

Alejandro (Álex) Ribes Hankins. Graduated in Media and Communications. Music and sound designer in video games and media contents. We've been working with Álex for the music of the trailer, and he'll be making the soundtrack of the entire game if we reach our goal.